Ceramics – the material for new perspectives in the future-oriented product design.

If one mentions ceramics, most people automatically think of pottery and chinaware. As a matter of fact, the history of ceramics can be traced back more than 10'000 years. Today these inorganic, non-metallic materials show a revolution in the material technology.
New processes and progress in the form and the production technologies have led to the fact that today problems can be solved that were an invincible technical challenge before.

However, today's ceramics have only little resemblance to their origins. The unique and astonishing physical, thermal and electric qualities open the doors to a new developing world. Ceramics are a profitable and efficient alternative to materials like glass, metal and plastic.

The advantages of ceramic components from the first sight:

  • electric isolation
  • mechanical firmness
  • low density
  • wear-resistance and hardness
  • eesistant to current leak
  • persistent to high temperatures
  • persistant to temperatur changes
  • resistant to climate and resistant to ageing
  • environment-friendly disposal
  • chemical permanence
  • food-safe
  • no corrosion
  • resistant to vibration
  • lighter as metals
  • need no lubrication

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