JBC – your expert for ceramic components since 2003.

We produce bearings, ceramic balls and ceramic components for numerous industrial customers.
For years our steel ball bearings have been prooven to be a reliable and high-quality solution.

Due to customer demand and changing regulations we decided to complete our broad product range with ceramic components.

In ceramics,we focus on three raw materials:

Most of our ceramic products are formed by isostatic cold pressing. Siliciumnitrid products are produced in the gas sinter procedure, while zircon oxide products are processed in the normal printing sinter process. The advantages of the isostatic cold pressing guarantee the constant quality of our products.
At the same time we are also able to apply other form methods as for example dry pressing, slip casting or injection moulding. Our manufacturing is equipped with the most modern machines and can apply nearly every processing method.
Our in-house test centre makes sure that every product, no matter what production method has been choosen, leaves our company in flawless quality.

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