JBC ball bearings

Due to its variousity and the good price-performance-rate, steel is the most common ball bearing material used by JBC.

In addition to the standard steel version we do offer a more corrosion-resistant version in stainless steel as well. Of course we do offer plain bearings in stainless steel quality, too.

JBC plain bearings and rod ends


JBC ceramic and hybrid bearings

JBC bearings

Choose between full ceramic ball bearings and Hybdrid ball bearings with ceramic balls.

Material cage:
PTFE, NYLON, PEEK, steel or without (full-in heat)


P0 for full ceramic bearings and P0-P4 for hybrid braings

In comparison to pure steel bearings:

  • higher speed by lighter weight
  • more exactly by bigger hardness
  • more long-lasting thanks to less wear
  • application at higher temperatures possible
  • lower thermal expansion
  • lower thermal deformation
  • needs no lubrication
  • rustproof
  • acid, base and salt resistant
  • food-safe
  • non-magnetic

While the hybrid ball bearings are above all convincing by speed/weight,precision/hardness and longevity, full ceramic ball bearings also offer all the other mentioned advantages.

Siliciumnitride bearings expel a little higher quality than zircon oxide bearings because they stand firm to higher temperatures and are more resistant to acids, bases and salts.

Usage examples:

High-capacity engines, high precision machines, dental instruments, Inline skates, and more.

JBC ceramic bearing