Further ceramic components

Sealing discs
The hardness similar to diamond prevents that dirt, metal filings, rust, sand or lime cause damages to the disc. The extremely good corrosion resistance provides a long life span to the sealing elements.

Valve sets
The valve sets made from ball and seat are fastened by clips, screws or shrinking and contribute to the solution of problems with abrasion and cavitation in control armatures and isolation valves.

Pistons and Plungers
Thanks to the bright lustre-polished surface of the ceramic parts is the friction and concurrent the appearing frictional heat minimalized. Solid states cannot attack the diamond-hard surface. Lower masses must be accelerated or braked resulting from the low specific weight and therefore the impulse can be laid out accordingly smaller.

The constant nozzle cross section linkedly with optimum spray means distribution (even with aggressive media easily) persuade. Shutdown times and repair costs of the process unities are reduced to a minimum.

Splitting pots
on account of magnetic coupling the chemical pump is sealed hermetically. The sliding attributes of ceramic pistons are responsible for longer state times of the sealing elements in high-pressure pumps.

Sliding rings
Particularly proven at chemical pumps that are in danger of running dry or dirty as well as with sliding ring seals without locking liquid or rinsing system.

Shaft protection coverings
The excellent chemical permanence, the good warm conductivity and the weight saving make ceramic materials the ideal choice in the pump construction for storage, support and lead.